Health Trail consistently delivers great prices!

In 2014 we went down to the new Whole Foods in Virginia Beach to see how our prices were compared to theirs. We made $179.27 worth of purchases at 11:19 AM on August
20th. The same day the same products were purchased at Health Trail for $156.38 a savings of $22.89.

In 2015 we checked out the new Whole Foods on Jefferson at 4:36 on
May18th. The total purchase came to $104.55 but the same items at Health Trail were $85.84 that is a savings of   $15.71

In 2018 we spent $139.85 at Whole Foods. Has Amazon really helped Whole Foods? Health Trail’s purchase was $100.00 which is a Savings of $39.85.                                                                                                
We have lower prices MORE THAN HALF the time. Support your local community by shopping at Health Trail. 

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Health Trail vs Whole Foods! 

The price comparison showdown!