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Come and celebrate the grand re-opening of our

Juice & Smoothie Bar!

Juice and Smoothie Bar Re-Launch! 
August 24-25th marks the official relaunch of our Juice and Smoothie Bar. We look forward to showing you how delicious and beneficial our juices and smoothies can be for restoring and maintaining wellness. Our juices can support weight loss, muscle building, increasing energy, pain management and more.

With the re-launch of our Juice and Smoothie bar, we are excited to offer a range of options and insights from our knowledgeable team and vast selection of items. This means custom juices and smoothies to support your goals. We offer organic slow and cold-pressed juices, detox and herbal teas, organic dairy and non-dairy options as well as a variety of custom options based on your needs and requests. These can make great meal substitutes and even better fast food alternatives! Perfect for lunch break or even as a treat on a family outing.

At Health Trail we are committed to offering you the very best health and nutritional options available. As part of this initiative, we are excited to share all of the benefits that can be found in our Juice Bar! If you haven’t tried juicing or a healthy smoothie, there is no better time or place to begin than with us. Come in and see firsthand why so many people are making juicing a part of their daily routine and how our Juice Bar Rockstar can support your wellness goals.

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