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We now carry Trickling Springs in recyclable glass!

Organic Dairy!


We Now Carry Organic Dairy in Glass. Trickling Springs Organics grass fed milk
We are pleased to announce we will now be carrying organic dairy in glass bottles from Trickling Springs Organic. Many (not all) of our loyal customer have expressed an interest in organic grass-fed dairy options. As we work to provide the highest quality products and service to all of our customers we set out to find the very best dairy providers available. Through our process, we discovered Trickling Springs Organic and were impressed with their offerings.

Trickling Springs Organic products align with many of our core values (customer service first) as well as our demand for quality. Trickling Springs Organic farmers hold high standards in the areas of animal welfare, land sustainability, and milk quality they also offer returnable glass bottles for their grass-fed milk products. This with their aim to minimally process, has made them our choice for artisan organic dairy products.

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